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Don't fancy breathing in benzene? The top air-purifying houseplants approved by NASA.

In modern day living, our body contends with toxins on a very regular basis. In fact, the term 'sick building syndrome' was used back in the 80's to describe various illnesses acquired from working and living in modern day buildings constructed utilising modern materials and paints often emitting harsh chemicals.

With prolonged exposure to these chemicals resulting in symptoms ranging from headaches and irritated airways to more concerning illnesses, it was time to find a solution........

Your friendly houseplant!

The clever folks at NASA studied the air-purifying qualities of 12 common houseplants and found that they removed much more than carbon dioxide from our air.

In fact, not only the plant, but the micro-organisms found in common potting compost also helped to purify the air.

Take for example, the peace lilly or Spathiphyllum, over a 24hr period it removed over 80% of bezene from its chamber, along with reducing levels of all the other 4 chemicals it was studied with. Here's a summary of the best purifiers below, courtesy of So give your body a break and get potting, you'll also find a selection of these air-purifying plants here

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