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Dry January looking a bit drizzly?

We've all been there - it's easy to vow you'll never drink again the morning after the night before and can't even look at a drink in fact it's probably why so many of us sign up for 'Dry January' on New Years' Day.

It's all so easy at first, after all that gluttony it actually feels quite nice, but a couple of weeks in and all the usual stresses are back up to speed, coupled with the everlasting wait for payday in January, its enough to make even the strongest willed of us crumble.

But, don't give in just yet - take a different view!

After just two weeks, a reduction in alcohol intake may be reducing your blood pressure and

even your waist line. In a small study of men who reduced their alcohol intake over six weeks by replacing their usual beer with non-alcoholic beer, this was just the case. By week 4 there was a significant decrease in both blood pressure and weight.

Alcohol is a powerful suppressor of REM sleep (dream sleep), continuing with your dry January is opening a world of dreams and restorative sleep.

And there's that other reason - the one which helped you to decide on dry January, don't give up on that, it was powerful enough at the time and revisiting the 'why', just might help you to continue, after all you're half-way there!

Don't feel deprived. Try something refreshing - how about a Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented, sparkling tea drink and a natural probiotic- although cultured with sugar, most of this is fermented out by the beneficial bacteria used in the process.

The best way to enjoy it and make it feel like a special drink is to treat it like a cocktail. Plenty of ice, berries, fresh lime, mint you know the drill. One of my personal favourites is Rasperry & Tulsi Kombucha by loving foods - I added ice, lime, mint leaves and raspberries and juniper berries to give it that Friday feeling. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the sweet taste of success.

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