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Fight for our food standards!

The Root Cause Clinic believe in the benefit of choosing food as close to nature as possible. Grass fed, pasture raised, hormone & GMO free offer the most nutrients for our bodies, whilst ensuring a better existence and better health for farmed animals.

In a recent worrying move, MPs voted down amendments to the Agriculture Bill that protects UK farmers from global imports produced to even lower standards of food safety, animal welfare and Environmental Protection than those required of UK farmers. Chlorinated chicken here we come!

Aside from the humane aspects of high welfare meat, one would think that the current global pandemic might have been the wakeup call needed to help to put an end to factory farming, routinely using antibiotics in squalid conditions.

What can you do to help prevent this?

2 Put your money where your mouth is; choose high welfare and GMO free organic British meat companies like greenpasturefarms, who brought this issue to our attention

3 Write to your local MP. Here's a list of MPs who voted for / against the amendments

The excellent, ‘Farms not Factories’, have drafted up a template letter you can use here.

Unsure what the different meat certifications mean? Click here to learn more.

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