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eGift - Root Cause Clinic Consultation

eGift - Root Cause Clinic Consultation

Giving the gift of better health

Whether it is working towards optimal health or getting to the root of a chronic condition, the gift of a Consultation will set them well on their way.


This eGift card entitles the owner to a 1hr 15 minute Consultation, which includes:


 - A review of health history, family history, medications, lifestyle and any relevant blood tests, along with your present medications and supplements(if any).

- A review of your present dietary and lifestyle habits

-An individualised diet and lifestyle plan designed to support your body in returning to optimal health.


Further functional testing may be deemed beneficial and this will be discussed if deemed relevant.


Personalise your gift below. An eGift Card will be sent to the recipient with details on how to redeem. 

Valid for 12 months.


In Functional medicine and Nutritional Therapy sometimes changes can happen quickly, other times there is no quick fix, this often depends on the complexity of your case. At this appointment you will also be advised of the approximate number of consultations that best suits you and your health needs. 

  • Want a specific date of delivery for your eGift?

    Once you have completed your purchase, you can schedule a specific date for delivery by emailing, quoting your recipient email address.

    That way you can ensure your present arrives on the right day!

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