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Vegan Health Check - Complete

Vegan Health Check - Complete

The Complete Vegan Health Check includes:-

  • A 3 day dietary analysis based on dietary intake information recorded by yourself over 3 days. The report details the levels of vitamins and minerals consumed in your diet and highlights any nutrients which you may have a sub-optimal intake of. (Please note that this report is based on you recording your food and liquid intake on 3 days - preferably two work days and one weekend day).
  • Thriva Finger prick Blood Test. The Thriva test details your Active B12, Iron, folate & Vitamin D levels. This is a convenient finger prick blood test with the test kit & detailed instructions delivered to your home within 3 working days, to be carried out at your convenience. The Thriva test includes levels of essential nutrients iron, active B12 & folate, which are prone to sub-optimal levels when following a vegan or vegetarian diet.  Levels of Vitamin D are also tested.
  • Consultation 1 - Health Bio Creation. Your dietary analysis and test results will be discussed further at Consultation 1 (1 hour 15mins)- this can be at our clinic in central Manchester or via Skype. Consultation 1 is held with our Registered Nutritional Therapist who, after further consideration and reflection on information gathered, will compile a report with personalised nutritional & lifestyle recommendations along with supplement recommendations if deemed appropriate.



    Recently gone Vegan & wondering if you are getting all the nutrients you need? Or long term Vegan and would just like to check your nutrient intake?The basic Vegan Health Check is a Nutritics Dietary Analysis. This assesses your nutrient intake over 3 days of your choosing and reports on your:

    -overrall Macronutrient Intake

    Protein / Carbohydrate / Fat intake (including saturated, polunsaturated, omega 3 omega 6) 

    -Micronutrient intake including

    Water intake, Fibre & free sugars
















    Vitamin A

    Vitamin D

    Vitamin E

    Vitamin K1

    Thiamin (B1)

    Riboflavin (B2)

    Niacin (B3)

    Pantothenic Acid (B5)

    Vitamin B6

    Folic Acid (B9)

    Vitamin C


    *Please note you are required to keep a detailed record of your food & liquid intake over your 3 chosen days (ideally two work days and one rest day), your dietary intake is analysed using 'Nutritics' Dietary Analysis Software and the information you provide, the more detail the better. It is then compared to standard UK RDA's.



    You will receive your template for recording your dietary intake within 48 hours. This will be delivered by email for you to complete & return to - subject to adequate intake & submission of completed dietary analysis, you will receive your full report along with recommendations following your Consulation 1

With 1:1 Consultation
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