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Vegans & Vitamins! It's not all about B12! Would you like an insight into your nutrient intake?

Updated: Feb 27, 2020


When embarking on a vegan diet, people often focus on the good stuff, lots of veggies, which is great when you have time to cook. But, what happens when the quick fix junk food starts creeping in, or when the only vegan options don't contain any protein, we can tend to feel tired and run down.

Did you know that not enough selenium means we can't produce enough of our active thyroid hormone T3, not enough protein can affect our sleep quality or not enough Magnesium affects our ability to produce our sleep hormone melatonin?

All of which can leave us feeling a bit sloth-like!

Don't depair, there are lots of easy add-in's to your diet that can ensure your getting your daily recommended vitamin & nutrient intake - such as 3 brazil nuts per day - this is your selenium quotient for the day.

To understand which vitamin and minerals you may have a low intake of, why not take advantage of the Root Cause Clinic's Dietary Analysis end of Veganuary offer.

Record your dietary intake for 3 days and have it assessed and analysed by our Registered Nutritional Therapist, complete with personalised dietary recommendations.

Reduced from £75 to just £49 - offer runs until the 29th February.

Have recently altered your diet or just feel a little run down? The 3 Day Dietary Analysis is a great way to gain an insight into the nutrients you are consuming in relation to the Recommended Daily Amount (RDA).

Tailored to your height weight and age, the analysis provides and insight into your overall energy intake along with your intake of over 25 vitamins & minerals from selenium to iron. Whilst this doesn't tell you actual blood levels, it provides a valuable insight into your consumption of macro & micronutrients highlighting which vitamins and minerals you may not be consuming enough of.

The 3 Day Dietary analysis also comes with recommendations of food types to address any issues - whether its not enough Magnesium or too much sugar, the Root Cause Clinic will provide you with nutritious suggestions.

What nutrients are analysed?

Energy intake& Macronutrients




Water intake, Fibre & free sugars
















Vitamin A

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin K1

Thiamin (B1)

Riboflavin (B2)

Niacin (B3)

Pantothenic Acid (B5)

Vitamin B6

Folic Acid (B9)

Vitamin C

*Please note you are required to keep a detailed record of your food & liquid intake over your 3 chosen days (ideally two work days and one rest day), your dietary intake is analysed using 'Nutritics' Dietary Analysis Software and compared to UK RDA's.

Book now - select Dietary Analysis & Testing from the drop down menu.

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